Educational Programs

Whidbey GeoDome can be brought into educational institutions at all levels — K-12, university, and professional schools. Specific subjects, such as astronomy, physics, biology, earth sciences, mathematics, can be studied in depth using powerful visualization tools. Complex issues and datasets can be readily explored using the principle that “a picture is worth a thousand words, and a metaphor is worth a thousand pictures.”

Students of all ages find the GeoDome to be an enjoyable catalyst for learning any subject, and design and problem solving skills are readily engaged.



Customized curricula for the classroom can be developed in conjunction with the educational objectives of each institution, including formal and informal evaluation tools.



“I saw my entire Earth science astronomy unit presented in less than an hour. Even behaviorally challenged students were awed, attentive, and appreciative of this format.”
Kay McLeod – Buncombe County, NC

“As an educator I am partial to the GeoDome’s truncated design. Placing the audience closer to the screen and filling their field of view with imagery creates an increased sense of immersion, and students react to it every time.” Joel Halvorson – Director, MnPS

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GeoDome educational program for your school.



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