About GeoDome

GeoDome Theater

The GeoDome Theater is a 25’ wide by 13’ tall portable, immersive visualization environment. The GeoDome can provide breath-taking visualizations of a guided tour of the universe, the evolution of life on earth, the unfolding story of humanity, and ecosystemic insights into one’s own bioregion, and more.

Approximately 25 people can experience a dome show that runs from 20 minutes to over an hour. Inside the GeoDome, complex concepts are dynamically visualized, thereby becoming easier to understand, especially since participants are encouraged to co-create their own experience during interactive presentations.



Using the latest scientific data and visualizations from NASA, NOAA, and elsewhere, we are creating productions to provide a big picture context that demonstrates the interconnectedness and interdependence of ecosystems at multiple scales.  We utilize cutting edge immersive visualization technologies — beautifully rendered images of interconnected scientific datasets — to create awe-inspiring, transformative experiences for people of all ages.


Breakthrough Portable GeoDome Visual Technologies & Innovation

Uniview software and the WorldComposer/WorldViewer geospatial gaming platform enable geospatial storytelling via an interactive display. OmniFocus projection systems display awe-inspiring digital images from NASA and NOAA. Stunning imagery and whole systems visualizations inspire an unprecedented, visceral awakening to an ecology-centric, interconnected worldview.

Omnifocus Projection System

Omnifocus is a single-channel fisheye projection system with an ultra-wide projection that maintains focus in a wide variety of formats, including the immersive GeoDome environment.

Uniview Software

Whidbey GeoDome Project is developing new curricula, narratives, and imagery using Uniview software.

Uniview software, developed by SCISS, displays real information and real science as it is gathered by experts from around the world and across generations.

From the Uniview website:

Uniview offers “an expandable visualization platform developed by SCISS AB from Sweden and the American Museum of Natural History. Uniview runs on multiple platforms ranging from laptops to multichannel PC clusters for digital domes. Uniview provides a seamless visualization of the entire known Universe, enabling you to fly from the mountains on Earth to the furthest known quasar.”

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