Why Immersive Education?

The StoryDome is an immersive storytelling device. The dome environment places you inside the story both visually and with surround sound, creating a powerful experience of being totally immersed in what you see and hear.

We use state-of-the-art digital media to visualize complex data sets and natural phenomena which activates the right brain pattern recognition capacities of the viewer. No matter what the subject is — astronomy, biology, mathematics, earth science, or mythology, psychology, or economics — students are engaged by the immediacy of the subject matter and viscerally moved by the experience. In the GeoDome, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a metaphor is worth a thousand pictures.

The StoryDome is poised to transform education. It represents a merger of art and science that uses immersive digital learning environments to create experiences that stimulate people’s innate curiosity about life. GeoDome presentations are dynamic and engaging, and young people in particular find this richness and immediacy especially appealing.

We use concept of Big History as the context for all of our educational programs. This means that we employ the story of the evolution of the Universe as the holistic framework for whatever subject we’re addressing. Think of it this way:

Each of us is a story within stories. A child’s life story is part of both her mother’s story and her father’s story. The story of their family is part of larger stories, too—the story of their neighborhood, their church, their town, their state, and their nation. Those stories, in turn, are contained within the story of a religious tradition, a civilization, humanity as a whole, and then beyond to the story of our planet, our star system, the Milky Way Galaxy, and, finally, to the story of the Universe itself. Each of us is thus a story within stories within stories. Each of us will have a felt relationship with the larger contexts of our existence only to the extent that we are given stories for these larger wholes that we find meaningful.

The StoryDome helps people to make meaning with what they’re learning. This often leads to a deeper understanding and clarity of the subject at hand, and the motivation to do something life affirming with this new knowledge.

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